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Required Information to Sell on Amazon


1. What is Selling on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon is a program that allows merchants to sell their products and inventory on Amazon.

2. Who is eligible for selling on Amazon?

Any company with a valid company registration number, Turkish tax ID, e-mail account, bank account and a credit card can sell on Amazon. Owners of private companies are required to submit the corporate tax ID on their tax certificates as well as their TR ID Number.

A valid credit card is needed to collect Amazon selling fees when your seller account balance is not sufficient.

3. What products can I sell on

On you can sell products in the following categories: PC, Baby Products, Consumer Electronics and Accessories, Home and Kitchen Products, Home Entertainment Systems, Household Appliances and Decoration, Camera and Photography Products, Books, Personal Care Appliances, Health and Personal Care Products, Beauty Products, Office Products, Game Consoles and Video Games, Toys & Games, Sports & Outdoors Products, Telephone & Phone Accessories, Grocery.

You may need to get approval before selling certain products in the Baby Products, Personal Care Products and Toys & Games categories to meet the quality standards, increase customer satisfaction and ensure customer safety.

Registration and Opening an Account

4. What do I need to open a seller account on Amazon?

To open an account, you need to share the following information with us:

  1. Credit Card:

    A credit card that is valid and has not expired.

  2. Phone Number:

    A valid phone number with the country code

  3. Company Registry Information
    • Business information: Business type, company registration number and company tax ID
    • Address: A registered business address
  4. Primary Contact Person Information

    The primary contact person is responsible for selling on Amazon on behalf of the account holder (seller of record) or the company’s account holder. This person provides registration information on behalf of the account holder, initiates transactions such as payments and refunds, and has access to the Amazon account. Transactions performed by the primary contact person are deemed to have been made by the account holder.

    What you need to provide us with:

    • Your credentials (you can use a valid passport or ID document)
    • Your date and place of birth
    • Your cell phone number
  5. Bank Account Information

    In order to complete the registration process, you need to share with us your bank account (TL account) information. You will need this account to receive payments for sales on Amazon.

5. How do I upload my products to Amazon?

You can use our web-based interface or our bulk listing tools to list your products. Depending on whether your products are listed on the Amazon catalog, the information requested from you and the way you should upload them may change.

If your products are listed on the Amazon catalog:

Our web-based interface allows you to easily list your products one by one. You only need to enter the item price and the stock amount. Alternatively, you can also use our bulk listing tools to quickly list multiple products. When using multiple product adding tools, you need to enter the EAN, ISBN or UPC code for each product.

If your products are not listed on the Amazon catalog:

You can use our web-based interface or our bulk listing tools to list your products. To list products that are not on our catalog, you need to enter the following information for each product:

  • The EAN, UPC or the ISBN code
  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Product image
  • Price
  • Stock information

You may be required to enter additional information for certain product categories.


6. What is the fee of selling on

How much does it cost to sell on

Monthly Subscription Fee + Referral Fee

  1. The Monthly Subscription Fee

    The monthly subscription fee for the Selling Plan is TRY 99 + VAT. As a Seller, you can benefit from Amazon's e-commerce technology.

    Create your account immediately and save yourself the monthly subscription fee of TRY 99 + VAT.

    This promotion only applies existing and new sellers and is only valid for a limited time. Amazon reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion with 3 months prior notice.

  2. Referral fee

    Sellers pay a referral fee on each item they sell at varying rates depending on the product category (referral fees are subject to VAT, if any).

    The referral fee is calculated based on the total sales price.

    The total sales price refers to the total amount paid by the customer (the total price paid by the customer, including the item price, shipping fee, and gift wrapping costs, if any).

7. Can I close my account?

Yes. We do not require long-term commitments to open an account. You are free to close your account any time you wish. Simply get in touch with us through your seller account to do so.

8. How do I receive payments?

The first payment into your Amazon account is made 14 days after you register. Afterwards, your payments will arrive every 14 days. The money appears in your account within 5 business days following the transfer.

To receive payments:

  • Your Amazon seller account’s balance should never fall below zero. Commission rates, transaction fees, refunds and customer complaints can affect the status of your account.
  • The bank details section in your seller account must be filled in.

9. What is the shipping fee for the products that I sell?

Amazon charges no fees for standard shipping to ensure the best possible experience for customers. Sellers process customer orders free of charge with standard shipping. Sellers offering an expedited shipping service may charge additional fees to customers who wish to use this service.

Sellers fulfill customer orders using contracted shipping companies. Amazon does not make any recommendations to sellers about which shipping companies to use.


10. What is Seller Central?

Seller Central is an online interface that allows you to perform all kinds of transactions on your Amazon account. On Seller Central, you can add information about the products you sell, update your inventory, manage your orders and payments, and access tools to measure your sales performance.

11. How do I manage my account?

You can use Seller Central to manage your account, update your inventory, add product attributes, communicate with customers and track your orders and payments.

12. How do I know when I have sold an item on Amazon?

Amazon sends you an e-mail when you receive an order. You can also see your back orders on Seller Central home page. Go to Notification Preferences under Account Settings to define when Amazon should send you an e-mail.

13. How do I manage my orders?

You can manage your orders in two different ways. You can either use the web-based interface (Seller Central) or download the daily order report containing customer and order details to your computer. If you wish, you can also integrate your ordering systems using the Amazon Marketplace Web Service solutions.

14. Do you offer anti-fraud services?

Yes. The Amazon payment anti-fraud service helps prevent fraudulent orders.

15. What is the A-to-Z Guarantee program?

The A-to-Z Guarantee has been designed to resolve situations where a customer has not received the product at all or where a product different from the ordered product has been sent. When there is a problem, we ask the customers to contact the seller first. If the seller cannot resolve the issue, the customer can make an A-to-Z Guarantee Claim. When receives such a request, it asks the seller to share order and supply details by sending an email containing the details of the request. Next, determines how this request will be resolved. In some cases, the customer can also be refunded, the refund amount being covered by the seller.

16. What is the Buy Box?

The Buy Box is located on the Product Detail Page. Customers add products to the cart using the Buy Box and initiate the purchase process. One of the most important attributes of Amazon is that a product can be sold by different vendors on the same product page. If a product is sold by more than one seller, the sellers compete with each other to be featured in the Buy Box.

A seller’s eligibility for entering a competition for the Buy Box is determined by the criteria based on the seller's performance.

In order to win the Buy Box, the seller must maintain high customer satisfaction. Products that have not won the Buy Box despite meeting the Buy Box Criteria are listed in the "Other Offers" section.

17. Can customers comment on products and why should these comments matter to me?

Yes, customers can comment on products. The number of positive comments plays a big role in your success on Amazon.

  • A high number of positive comments increases the confidence of the customers in the seller. Seller and product comments appear on the product detail page and are among the first details the customers view.
  • Customers prefer to buy products from sellers with high ratings more.
  • A high rating is an important criterion when determining your performance as a seller and your eligibility to win the Buy Box.

18. Which payment methods are available on

Customers can only shop at using credit cards and debit cards. There is also an installment option for some products. Different payment methods such as cash on delivery cannot be used to shop.

19. Do you still have questions about selling on Amazon?

If yes, please feel free to contact us. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Providing Your Information to Amazon

Amazon requires sellers to provide information about themselves and their business so they can begin or continue to sell on Amazon and receive the proceeds of their transactions on Amazon.

To provide the required information, please sign in to Seller Central using the email address and password associated with your account. In order to provide this information, please select the Settings tab, then click Account Info. From your Seller Account Information page, click each section that is highlighted in red. This information will be used to open your Selling on Amazon payment account. We will contact you if any additional information is required.

Amazon knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. The Privacy Notice demonstrates this.

Help is available throughout the process at any time by contacting Seller Support. See answers to frequently asked questions below.

Required Documentation

What happens if I don't want to accept the business agreements?

Accepting Amazon Services Business Solutions agreement is a condition of registering for the service. If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be able to register for your Selling on Amazon account, which will result in removal of your selling privileges on the Amazon TR marketplace.

Information Collection

What information am I required to provide?

You may be requested to provide the following documents:

  • Full valid passport
  • National identity card

Certain information is required, such as bank account number, personal identification details, and tax registration ID (if applicable). To provide this information, at the top right under Settings, click on Account Info. Next, click Edit in each section that is highlighted in red. When entering this information, please ensure it exactly matches the data on the official documents you are providing to Amazon.

How do I provide this information?

In order to provide the requested information, go to the Settings tab of your Seller Central account, and then click Account Info. From the Seller Account Information page, click each section that is highlighted in red. All addresses need to be entered in Latin characters.

How can I upload more than one document at a time?

Sometimes, we may require several documents from you, and this number may be greater than the number of fields present in Seller Central for you to upload the documents. If this is the case, you need to merge the documents into one document and upload it to Seller Central to review. In order to do this, you can follow one of the two methods explained below that we would recommend you to do:

  1. You can merge the scanned images into a Microsoft Word document and create a PDF document. The easiest way to do this is to insert JPEG images into the word document and then create the PDF document while saving the file as explained below:
    • Click Insert on the toolbar at the top of Microsoft Word.
    • Click Pictures and locate the file that you wish to add to the document.
    • Repeat the above steps with all the images that you wish to add to the document.
    • Make sure that all the images are on separate pages.
    • Click File and select Save As and select "PDF" as the document type to save.
  2. You can also use Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF.

Alternatively, while scanning the documents, you can opt to create a PDF document and scan the pages to create a single document.

What if I have to update my information?

From the Settings tab, click Account Info and then, from the Seller Account Information page, click each section that you want to update. If your information has already been verified or the verification process has not yet started, you will be able to update your information. Any updates are subject to verification. Depending on our verification results, you may be asked to provide additional information.

Why can't I edit my information?

Information cannot be updated while it is being verified.

Can I save my information and complete the form later?

Yes. The Update Wizard will allow you to resume entering data at any step in the process. Make sure you click the "Submit" button on each screen after entering your information.

You will still be able to use Seller Central. However, if you do not provide your information within the specified time period, your selling privileges will be suspended. Your privileges will be reinstated once you have entered the requested data and your information have been verified.

How will I be notified if Amazon requires additional information?

If we require additional information, you will be notified via the email address provided at registration as well as via the notification field in Seller Central.

What should I do if I am unable to upload my documents using the tool provided?

Contact Seller Support if you encounter problems while uploading documents.

I do not have one of the documents requested, what should I do?

If you don’t have one or more of the documents requested, contact Seller Support. Make sure you provide details about the documents you don’t have when you contact us. We will then get in touch with you regarding alternative documents that we may be able to accept.

What language should I enter the information in?

You can provide the information in English or in the local marketplace language; i.e., Turkish.

Additional FAQs

What should I do if I have a document that is not in any of the Amazon-supported Languages?

You may need to submit officially translated documents if they are not in any of the Amazon supported languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish).

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